Monday, January 28, 2013

A Special Post For A Special Guy

Nine years ago, the angelic cat photographed above literally walked into my life in the parking garage of a North Miami Beach apartment building that I was living in in late January 2004. My best friend/lover/roommate encouraged me to take him in despite our building's ban on pets, saying he'd give the adorable little kitten to his parents. He convinced me to break the rules, something I have never done enough in my life. I'm ever thankful that my better half convinced me to do the right thing: it wasn't long that the little boy I named "Toby" had been in our apartment before I declared him our adopted son. We secretly kept him in our apartment until we moved out, and one year shy of a decade later, he's curled up beside me as I type this. 

To celebrate my beloved feline son now being as old as my "Vogue Boy" self, here are a handful of fairly recent favorite photos of Toby, selected from the hundreds on my Facebook page. I hope they capture his magic for all of you.

Thanks for being my little sidekick, "Mr. T"! ;) xoxoxoxo

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