Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Favorite Aquarian

My Mother is not as big a movie fan as I am, for she is the type of person who always chooses the real world over the infinite alternate universes of cinema. But she only ever encouraged my movie love, bringing me to see arthouse movies in the sixth grade (per my request) and seeing Showgirls on opening night with my father (per my birthday wish) because I was too young to be admitted. She has always had faith in my dreams and always allowed me to be who I am, no matter how far-fetched or freakish or shameless I might have been labeled by the rest of the world. She has also been an endless source of optimism and support. Her openness and honesty have shaped me every day, and encouraged me to appreciate those same qualities in all people, but most especially in other strong women. Like my father, she didn’t simply “accept” me, she encouraged me to be completely myself, but never at the expense of other people's well-being. I credit whatever good karma I have to the example my parents set from day one, and I owe every happiness to their belief in my right to lead a fulfilled life. 

This is a big birthday year for my family, as my Mother, my Father, and my sister Jennifer are all celebrating milestones. And while most sons are instructed not to reveal their mother’s age, I am proud to celebrate my Mom’s 65th birthday today because it is a moment that deserves to be honored and reflected upon by the countless people whose lives she has touched since January 31st, 1948. The happiness she has brought to my father and my sister and I is beyond compare, but we are only three of the people whose love for Kathy Jeffrey is voluminous, everlasting, and earned. She is an extraordinary person who has, in turn, drawn many other extraordinary people to her. 

Above all else, I am especially thankful for that.

There is no definitive way to pay proper tribute to my amazing Mother, but I hope this collection of some of my favorite photographs can be a small sign of gratitude, a testament to how fortunate I know I am to be Her son. And now I toast "my favorite Aquarian" by dedicating this 52nd blog post to my Mother. From long before I was born up to the present (birth)day, She has been strong, passionate, understanding, funny, thoughtful, sensitive, courageous, kind, and all around just really fucking cool.

(I felt the final point was worth underlining with out-of-character profanity.;)



And now, to close, the performance that ALWAYS makes me think of my Mom.

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  1. Another great post - I do love when you get personal like this and share the intimate details. Those details enrich our lives too, and it should come as no surprise that such a good son comes from such a good mother. Happy Birthday to her! - Alan